HR Services

                                      You’ve Got Talent

                                      What are HR Services? Your creative business is driven by its talent, so attracting and keeping the best talent, is essential for success. But managing staff, dealing with admin and making sure you are meeting your legal obligations can be difficult to juggle when you are busy steering your business.

                                      We Get It

                                      That’s where our HR Services come in. After years of working with creative businesses, we understand the unique challenges and requirements you might need and we know how to support you through them. Our external HR support services mean you can save your business time and money, while ensuring that you are meeting best practice in these areas.

                                      HR Services

                                      We can take care of all your HR needs including:

                                      • Payroll
                                      • Contracts
                                      • Employee Handbook
                                      • Privacy Policy
                                      • Pensions
                                      • Expenses Management

                                      Making sure your business meets its legal requirements and ensuring your employees feel supported and safe.

                                      If you’d like to find out more about the HR services we offer, just fill in your details here and we’ll get back to you to discuss your specific needs.

                                      Looking for HR support? Then get in touch!


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